Officer Biography's

Chief Chief Frank Selvaggio 

Hi everyone, I was appointed the Chief of Police here on October 25, 2018.  My 40-year career in law enforcement has included over 28 years with the Clayton Police Department and 9 years with the Washington University Police Department.   I have held many ranks to include Police Officer, Corporal, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Bureau Commander, and now Chief.  Some of my most memorable events in this job include being an Investigator for the Greater St. Louis Area Major Case Squad, the on-site Commander for the 2016 Presidential Debate held in St. Louis, attending the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and being named the Missouri Police Chief of the Year for 2020 by the Missouri Police Chiefs Association. 

My wife, Jan, and I were married in 1986 and have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. She has been a huge supporter of my career, as being the wife of a police officer is not always easy. My 2 goals as Chief are to do everything possible to make this community proud of their police department and to invest in these officers so that they are proud to serve this awesome community.

I am known to the majority of the community as Chief Frank. 

Fun Fact: I picked up a box turtle off the road one day which turned into a huge effort by every officer here to do the same thing. Our saving the box turtles has become an annual craze, which even generated a full-page article in the Leader Newspaper.  


Captain Jamie Mayberry  

Hi, I am Captain Jamie Mayberry and the Assistant Chief of Police for the Byrnes Mill Police Department. I am a graduate of the Mineral Area Police Academy and have been in law enforcement for 20 years. Before pursuing my career in law enforcement, I served in the United States Air Force.

Fun Fact: I had the honor of serving on security detail for President Bill Clinton while serving in the Air Force. 


Sergeant Greg Kraft

I've been in Law Enforcement for three years and have spent the past two with the Byrnes Mill Police Department. This community is one of a kind and shows great hospitality. I couldn't ask for a better community to serve. A few of my hobbies I enjoy are water skiing, wakeboarding, and playing sand volleyball. 

Fun Fact: I have never traveled outside of the country.   

RobinsonCorporal Justin Robinson

Hello, my name is Justin Robinson.  I have been with the Byrnes Mill Police Department for 5 years.  I currently hold the position of Corporal. I am married and have an 8-month-old daughter.  I have lived in the High Ridge area my whole life and attended Northwest High School.  My brother works for the High Ridge Fire Department and my father recently retired from there.  I really enjoy working in a small town with such an awesome community that feels like family. 

Fun Fact: One of my family members played for the St. Louis Blues for 3 years.

Detective Photo

Detective Mike Dueker

I was a member of the St. Louis Police Department for 36 years. During that time, I was assigned to the Third District Patrol Division, the Third District Detective Division, The Intelligence Division, The US Attorney’s Office, and on the Mayor’s protection detail. After being promoted to Sergeant, I served as a supervisor in the Eight, and First District Patrol Divisions, and as an Investigator in the Internal Affairs Division. I retired in 2009.  After that, I took a job as an Investigator for the St. Louis City Prosecutor’s Office for 9 years.  These past 2 years, I have been a Detective for the Byrnes Mill Police Department. 

Fun Fact: I am a volunteer courier for the National Marrow Donor Program, I transport bone marrow from donors to cancer patients around the country.


Patrolman Aimee Stockard 

I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University Law Enforcement Academy. I have been with the Byrnes Mill Police Department for a year and a half. I love being involved within the community and plan a lot of our department’s PR events. I am in charge of our Officer’s training requirements and a part of Special Olympics. I have been married for a year and have a 6-year-old ‘Bonus Daughter’. In July, I will give birth to my son! (Hence, why my picture has not been taken quite yet!) 

Fun Fact: I placed top ten for Miss Missouri in the Miss America Organization and was a finalist for the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleading Team. 

HargetPatrolman Caleb Harget 

I have been in Law Enforcement for almost two years. I started my career in Lincoln County. When I was offered a position at the Byrnes Mill Police Department, I couldn't turn it down. I love this department and community. I am married and have a daughter. I love hunting, fishing, and video gaming. 

Fun Fact: I used to work on a cruise ship as a deckhand.


Patrolman Steve Schaffer 

I have served for 19 years as a Police Officer. I have always wanted to be a part of the team that Chief Frank has put together here and honored that he chose me to help keep the standards high for the community. I am amazed by the support people in this community have for us, it means the world to us all. The love and support we have in Byrnes Mill does not happen every day anywhere else. I want this to be the last chapter in my career and I am glad that I can do it here. 

Fun Fact: I am a big dog lover. I have worked with rescues, fostering, and transporting dogs to new homes! 

Umfress Photo

Patrolman Cody Umfress

Hi, I'm Cody! I am new to the Byrnes Mill Police Department and a recent graduate of the Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy. Prior to becoming a police officer, I was employed for 8 years with the Missouri Department of Corrections. During my time in DOC, I was a Field Training Officer, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. I was also a member and Assistant Field Commander of the Corrections Emergency Response Team and a recipient of 4 Departmental Life Saver Awards. I live in Barnhart with my wife Shauna, my two dogs, a cat, and three geckos. I will serve as our department's Defensive Tactics Instructor and our Special Olympics co-liaison. I am very devoted to Special Olympics, as it's something dear to me. I look forward to serving this department and community for many years to come. 

Fun fact: I passed the test and qualified for Jeopardy on two separate occasions. 


Reserve Officer Bill Alter 

I have been married for 57 years, father of 2, Grandfather of 5, and great grand father of 1! I am a U.S. Navy Veteran Electronics Technician and worked for IBM as a Field Engineer. In 1982, I joined the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department as a Reserve Officer. When I graduated from the Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy, I was appointed Commander of the 50-person Sheriff’s Reserve. In 1988, I ran for political office and was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives, and later elected to the Missouri Senate, serving a total of 12 years in the Missouri Legislature. I have been with the Byrnes Mill Police Department since 1992 and a Bailiff of the Court. I have served a total of 39 years in Law Enforcement. 

Fun Fact: I am the longest-serving member of the Byrnes Mill Police Department with 29 years in the city!