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About the Department 

ChiefChief Gary Dougherty oversees a staff of seven (7) full-time officers, three (3) part-time officers and five (5) reserve officers, sharing the duties of the department and providing 24/7 police protection to residents and businesses. The fully-commissioned reserve officers voluntarily serve in court, at special events/functions and anywhere else needed at least 20 hours/month [to keep up their certifications].

According to Chief Dougherty, "There is no such thing as what to expect for our officers. Everyone does [a bit of] everything."   

The Department goes through Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to assist with any number of things.  

Their impact on Highway 30 is visible in the reduction of speed and accidents.  However, the ultimate goal for Byrnes Mill Police is prevention which will result in a decrease in thefts, drugs and drug arrests. 

"We look at preventing crime through neighborhood patrol, by being observant and resolving crimes [when they occur] as quickly as possible," he explained.

Learn about a local Neighborhood Watch Program

Perhaps the most significant thing that sets Byrnes Mill Police apart from other Departments is their connection with residents.  Because the City [and Department] are so small, officers have the chance to work with people in other agencies that they may not be able to, spend more time working with residents including the elderly, children with disabilities and others who might need a little more care.  

Officers in the Department are proud to serve in a small city with a big heart.

Stain ColorDave Stain serves as Chaplain for the Byrnes Mill Police
Department, assisting with CIT programs, Crisis Intervention
Training, call responses as well as counseling and assistance
to all officers within the department.

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