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Permit Application to Keep Domestic Animals

  1. Ord. 205.160
    The City shall issue a special permit for the keeping or maintenance of a domestic animal and the City may issue a temporary permit for the keeping or maintenance of an infant wild animal.
  2. Ord. 205.170
    Prior to the annual renewal of any special permit or license issued under Sections 205.130 through 205.160, the Code Enforcement Officer may inspect the premises to such special permit to determine whether the person to whom it has been issued is continuing to comply with all of the conditions specified in Sections 205.130 through 205.180. If it is determined during any such inspection that any of the conditions therein specified are being violated, the City shall refuse to renew any such license or special permit, or it shall revoke such license or special permit in the event that such violation is not corrected within such period of time as it shall direct.
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