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Posted on: May 12, 2020

Proposition Public Safety

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The City of Byrnes Mill is asking its voters to consider establishing a 1% sales tax increase to help improve Public Safety within the city.  This increase would generate additional revenue for the city without impacting resident’s personal property taxes.  

The cost of providing adequate Police and Public Works service to residents has risen and continues to rise.  Additional economic pressure has come since Public Safety Tax initiatives were successfully approved in surrounding counties and cities.  The City must increase funding to these departments in order to attract and retain qualified Police and Public Works employees and continue to offer the quality of service its residents have come to expect.

If approved the additional funds will:

  • Improve Police Officer hiring and retention with Competitive Salaries and Benefits and put additional officers on the streets which will improve accident and emergency response times along with increased crime prevention and reduction
  • Invest in improving equipment for Officer safety
  • Add an additional Public Works employee to help with regular maintenance of City culverts, streets, mowing, and snow plowing during the winter months
  • Upgrade the position of Code Enforcement from part-time to full-time; improving the general health and welfare of the community

If approved, anyone who makes a retail purchase within the City of Byrnes Mill will be assessed an additional 1% to the sales tax portion of their purchase.  For example, on a $1.00 purchase, an additional $0.01 would be charged.  By passing a sales tax, the cost of increasing funding to these essential departments is shared by everyone who makes a purchase in the city rather than just Byrnes Mill residents.  Note: this will not affect prescription drug purchases, auto fuel purchases, or durable medical taxes.  

If you would like more information regarding Proposition Public Safety, please contact proposition committee chairman Jim McBroom, (314) 623-9919.

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