Elected Officials

The Board of Alderperson is the elected governing body of the City of Byrnes Mill. It enacts legislation and citywide policies.

Each of the three Wards of the City elects two alderperson(s) for staggered two-year terms. The Mayor is elected at large and also serves a two-year term.

Terms ending in April 2020: 

  • Alderperson Davies (Ward 2)
  • Alderperson LaVenture (Ward 1)

 Terms ending in April 2019: 

  • Mayor Kiczenski
  • Alderperson Matthews (Ward 3)
  • Alderperson Scheble (Ward 3)
  • Alderperson Klipsch (Ward 2)
  • Alderperson Prado (Ward 1) 

If you are uncertain as to which Ward of the City you reside in, please view the current ward map or contact the Office of the City Clerk for assistance at 636.677.7727, ext 221.