Street Department

Winter Work

"We would like to thank the citizens of Byrnes Mill for all the compliments we received this past winter regarding snow removal on the City's maintained roads," says Public Works Director Tony Whitby, who has worked 11 years for the City. Winter crews applied about 453 tons of 50/50 sand and salt mix.

Summer Work

This summer, the Department will be doing overlays along Rosewood, Wood View and Scheble Streets. They also will be painting and striping all the maintained roads within the city limits, as well as other summer maintenance projects.

Employee Safety

Whitby adds: "Employee safety is a major issue. Our employees will be wearing safety vests and placing road work signs along these roads, please use caution and drive slow in these areas."

Whitby says that city crews pick up discarded trash along the City's maintained roadways twice a month. "The areas that have the most trash are from Lake Montowese to Highway 30, and from Byrnes Mill Farms to PP, so we are asking please don't be a litterbug! We cut grass along city roadways and the park weekly, please watch for slow-moving tractors during the summer months."