Police Department

ChiefChief Gary Dougherty oversees a staff of six (6) full-time officers, four (4) part-time officers and six (6) reserves (fully-commissioned police officers who don't get paid, but must work 20 hours/month to keep up their certifications), providing 24/7 police protection to residents and businesses.

Childrenbus stop
Students are now back to school which means the buses are traveling their usual routes. Byrnes Mill Police will be keeping a closer eye on bus stops and bus routes.  Please obey all laws, watch your speed and keep an eye out for children. Also remember that children will be out in the neighborhoods and streets playing, so please drive carefully.

Vacation/Extended Leave
This is a reminder if you are going to be away for any length of time, contact the Police Department and request a vacation extra patrol. You can call City Hall, or drop by and fill out a request form.

Suspicious Activities
If you see any suspicious activities in your neighborhood, contact the police department and an officer will respond to investigate.

Obtain a Police Report
Please contact City Hall to obtain a police report.